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Gloria Brown Award

Each year at its annual meeting, the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice presents an award to an outstanding faith-based economic justice project.  To nominate a project for the award, send a 1-2 page description of the project to the Gloria Brown Award Committee at the address below.  Nominations must be received by January 6, 2015.
The 2014 award was given to South Bronx Churches, New York.
Eligibility Criteria:  The organization nominated must be engaged in community economic development or worker justice advocacy and must have a relationship to the Episcopal Church.
Information should include:

Hugh White Award

The Hugh White Award is given to an individual who has done outstanding work in the area of worker justice. The 2014 award was given to the Rev. Christopher Johnson, former Social and Economic Justice officer of the Episcopal Church, currently rector of St. Raphael's Episcopal Church in Security, Colorado.    Please submit the name of an individual along with a brief summary of his or her contributions in the area to the addresses below.

Michael Bryant Award

The Michael Bryant Award is given to an individual who has provided outstanding volunteer service to the work of ENEJ.  Please submit name and contact information of your nominee along with a brief summary of his or her contributions to the work of ENEJ. The 2014 award was given to Laura A. Russell, a public interest attorney in New York City who represents low income victims of domestic violence.
For the Gloria Brown Award, Hugh White Award or Michael Bryant Award, please submit your nominations to the following address:


Send to: Dianne Aid, President
233 Fifth Street, Apt 309
Kent, WA   98032





2012 Convention Resolutions

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If you would like to make your local ministry known to the entire national church, please send a brief project description.

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