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What is ENEJ?

The 1988 Episcopal General Convention committed the Church to a ministry of economic justice, encouraging investment in community-based economic programs. In response, diocesan committees and local congregations have supported and often initiated many kinds of community development projects, including loan funds, credit unions, worker-owned businesses and housing cooperatives. The Episcopal Network for Economic Justice was formed in 1996 to carry on the work begun by the EJIC (Economic Justice Implementation Committee), established to carry out the vision of the 1988 General Convention. ENEJ serves to strengthen and support those engaged in economic justice ministries and advocate for initiatives within the Episcopal Church.

ENEJ is funded by membership dues received from individuals, congregations, diocesan committees and other organizations. Its purposes are to provide a communication network, assist members in the development of resources, and advocate economic justice issues.

ENEJ offers a publication that is helpful to congregations wishing to use their investments to promote social justice. Download our booklet on Community Investing: An Alternative for Religious Congregations Seeking a Social as well as a Financial Return here.

To become a member of the ENEJ network and receive our newsletter, write to Steven Simpkins at or fill out the form below.

To inquire about resources available to individuals and congregations click on Resources. Economic justice education units and technical assistance on setting up economic justice programs are available.

ENEJ operates a listserve to help individuals interested in keeping in touch with economic justice issues or in providing information to the network. To subscribe to our listserve, send your name, address and telephone number to or you can sign up at

One major resource is our Economic Justice How-To Manual. Our newest resource is our Community Investing Brochure and associated resource list. All of our resources are downloadable here, or can be ordered in print or on compact disc.

We also publish an electronic newsletter providing updates on ENEJ work, resources, and issues.  To contribute, contact Steven Simpkins at

Our resources include a how-to manual, popular education units, community investment booklet, issue papers, and Twenty Years Later, a review of seven national and global trends that confront people of faith concerned about economic justice.  All of these are downloadable here and may be available in hard copy or DVD from

As part of the Episcopal Networks Collaborative Joint Education Program ENEJ is producing a series of webinars. You can download these and use them in your ministry.

Art Lloyd Fund

In memory of ENEJ co-founder The Reverend Art Lloyd, a scholarship fund was established in his name in 2016.

Criteria for receiving funds, up to $1,000, include current involvement in social justice and advocacy work with Episcopal presence, willingness to become an active member of ENEJ, and seeking experience on a particular issue endorsed by ENEJ.

Funds may be used for attendance at ENEJ conferences, training to broaden ENEJ capacity and advocacy work, and publishing education materials helpful to the mission.

Particular consideration is given to young people representing communities of color.

Download an application here.

For more information, contact Vicky Partin at or 706-575-2154



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If you would like to make your local ministry known to the entire national church, please send a brief project description.

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