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ENEJ to Raise Economic Justice Concerns in Indianapolis

Continuing on the work it did in Anaheim in 2009, ENEJ plans to ask the Episcopal Church to expand on its economic justice agenda at the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. ENEJ President, Dianne Aid, will coordinate ENEJ's efforts in Indianapolis, July 5-12, 2012. The team includes Vicky Partin, Vice President, Capacity Building Co-Chair, Art Lloyd, Education Co-Chairs, Sue Lloyd and John Hooper, and Past President, Geoff Curtiss. Mike Maloney and Jeff Dey will provide staff support. ENEJ's strategy for General Convention has several elements:

Resolutions - ENEJ will present or support resolutions on the Ports Campaigns, Labor, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Jobs, Wage Theft and ENEJ Funding. In addition, ENEJ is collaborating with the Episcopal Environmental Network (EpEN) to promote a variety of environmental resolutions. ENEJ members will testify at legislative hearings in addition to promoting the resolutions using a bookmark and a brochure detailing the resolutions.

Action - ENEJ will help organize an action in support of Indianapolis hotel workers. Indianapolis hotels have adopted the practice of hiring part time workers to do the work of full time workers. This is a form of wage theft. ENEJ will collaborate with UNITE to protest at the Hyatt. ENEJ will also organize miniprotests (in the form of posadas) at each of the 10 hotels being sued by the unions for wage theft. Consultation Speakers' Program - The Rev. Tim Yeager of Chicago will speak on worker justice and Michael Schut will discuss environmental issues as part of The Consultation's speaker's corner in the General Convention exhibit hall.

Publicity - In addition to our brochure and bookmark, ENEJ will advertise the action with a sticker. Audio-visual materials will be presented on a wide screen TV as part of ENEJ's display booth. ENEJ also contributes daily articles to The Consultation's convention paper, Issues.

Education - ENEJ's display space will be shared with EpEN and will feature a DVD and videos on economic justice.


2012 Convention Resolutions

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