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ENEJ Plan at General Convention

June 25th-July 3rd, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah

The ten allied networks of the Consultation, including ENEJ, are preparing to inspire and inform members and other participants of the General Convention of critical issues facing the Church and the communities in which we live and work. Here some things to look for during the nine days of General Convention, whether in person or on line.

CALENDAR: The Consultation, in the footsteps of Louie Crew, will keep a calendar of unofficial, but important network events such as the Integrity Eucharist and The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Reception. Our Network Collaborative partners, The Union of Black Episcopalians, will host a gala honoring the Black bishops of the Episcopal Church.

THE CONSULTATION PLATFORM: The Platform will be published soon and addresses general and particular concerns of our organizations. ENEJ plank focuses on Immigration, particularly a call for an expansion of humanitarian visas granted to victims of some crimes, including domestic violence, and advocates for administrative relief for undocumented parents of US Citizen and Legal Permanent Resident children, and expansion of protection for "dreamers" (children who were brought to the US as young children and have had no path to legalization). Our other Platform issue is advocating for a sustainable minimum wage relative to particular community standards.

ISSUES: ENEJ will contribute to this daily publication of the Consultation. Issues will be available in paper copy, and electronically.

SPEAKERS' STUMP: During the lunch break on most days The Consultation will sponsor the SPEAKERS' STUMP. Stop by and hear from inspiring workers and leaders of cutting edge ministry and development in the church.

DISPLAY AREA: Please stop by and visit ENEJ and the Episcopal Ecological Network at our table in The Consultation area. It will give you an opportunity to speak with us and other organization members of The Consultation.

ANNOUNCING: Our ENEJ Advocacy Committee, in conjunction with our partners in EpEN and UBE has prepared a new edition of "Issue Papers" and has evaluated resolutions, working in alliance with others around the issues of economic, environmental and racial justice.

Dianne Aid

ENEJ President

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