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Economic Justice At Home and Abroad

Many opportunities exist in the United States and around the world for people of faith to work towards economic justice. If you and/or your congregation are ready to live out the gospel by working in this area, we invite you to review the connections also offered in our resources page.

If you are interested in helping the lowest paid government workers in your city, look more closely at Living Wage Campaigns - by checking If you want to explore other worker justice issues, check the site for the Interfaith Worker Justice at

If you are inclined towards eliminating substandard housing, contact Habitat for Humanity International at Habitat has built more than 100,000 homes worldwide and is likely to have an affiliate group in your community.

If you are interested in asset building initiatives for low income persons, look at which talks about individual development accounts. These matched savings programs with financial literacy help poor families achieve goals of homeownership, post secondary education or owning a business.

In the international area, examine the variety of programs of Episcopal Relief and Development at Everywhere from war torn Iraq to Aids plagued Africa to the impoverished of Chile, this ministry provides not only emergency relief but lasting solutions to the poor of this world.

Five Talents provides another opportunity to work for economic justice as they help initiate micro-enterprise programs in developing nations. Loans as small as $50 can help a family begin a business in Africa, the Philippines or South America and begin to escape poverty. Their website is for more information.

Most important is that people of faith become intentional about sharing the resources of the planet with those who are left out or marginalized in the world economy or in our own communities. We invite you to share with us news of economic justice initiatives in your area.


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If you would like to make your local ministry known to the entire national church, please send a brief project description.

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